I’ll admit it, I forgot Maze Runner: The Death Cure was happening this year.  After all the tumilt around Dylan O’Brien‘s injury on set a few years ago, it seemed like the franchise was dead in the water.

O’brien had been filming a stunt for the third Maze Runner film in 2016 while strapped into a harness on top of a moving vehicle.  Somehow, he was pulled off the vehicle unexpectedly, and he slammed into a second vehicle. The collision sent the then twenty-four-year-old actor to the hospital with a concussion, facial fracture, and lacerations which were deemed ‘non life threatening’.  Still, some super scary shit to go through.

The production shut down, and it seemed unlikely we’d end up getting the film.  It’s release was (obviously) pushed back until today, when The Death Cure opens in theaters.  And, it turns out, the footage of the stunt in question WAS used in the final film.  Kind of cool.

If you are a fan of the franchise, chances are this is the film you’ve been waiting for.  A Game Of Thrones esque battle to breach a wall surrounding a city, with zombie like people trying to naw your face off certainly says “young adult” franchise, right?

Let me first say that while I myself to not actively seek out these films, they have been enjoyable from an action standpoint.  Lots of explosions, lots of hand to hand, lots of stunts.  That said- this film borrows A LOT from others.  There are scenes right out of 28 Days LaterMad Mad: Fury Road (which is amusing considering when they were both filmed), Resident Evil, and several other notable films.  That doesn’t mean it’s bad, just, noticeable.

SCORE: 2.5 out of 5, viewed in standard non 3d

The Good:

Good action, some good performances from the main cast (including Aidan Gillen) and some fair-midline CGI.

The BAD:

Gosh. Well?  To me, several of these characters seem to forget who they are and what they’re doing to further the plot.  In one instance, a rescue mission happens, but at the possible cost of everyone left.  Who does that?  That’s not how to save a species.  Also, how many times do you need to say someone’s name?  I challenge you- take a drink everytime someone says Menho.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure opens in theaters nationwide Friday January 26th 2018.

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