Magic School Bus: Kate McKinnon Is Ms. Frizzle

If you’ve been watching Saturday Night Live over the past 5 years, chances are you know who Kate McKinnon is.  Many more of you know her from the recent all female reboot of the comedy classic Ghostbusters.  Even MORE of you know her from her amazing Hillary Clinton impersonations that got us through the worst of the presidential debates last year.

Netflix has announced that Kate McKinnon will be taking on the role of Ms. Frizzle- the amazing teacher with a magic school bus who goes on the craziest field trips imaginable. The series, The Magic School Bus Rides Again will be animated, and will bring back some of the original student voice talents from the 90’s cartoon.

Kate wins her Emmy
Kate wins her Emmy

The Emmy award winning actress will be taking over the voice role of The Friz that originally belonged to the great Lily Tomlin.

We are so excited we're dancing like Holtzman
We are so excited we’re dancing like Holtzman

No word yet on when we may see this series, it was originally slated to appear on the streaming service sometime last year.

Magic School Bus: Kate McKinnon Is Ms. Frizzle
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