• bladerunner8
    Blade Runner 2049: 7 New Photos

    Blade Runner remains the pinnacle of achievement in science fiction cinematic storytelling. Ridley Scott’s 1982 futuristic film noir continues to be inspirationa...

  • maxresdefault
    The Lion King: Simba and Mufasa Ca

    Jon Favreau’s The Lion King is getting closer to having a full cast!  The director/writer/actor’s newest Disney animated classic turned live action adapt...

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    AC Exclusive: Venom Loves Spidey

    Maze Studio spent the past Free Comic Book day doing a photo shoot with Lainey Cat Cosplay and Dynamite Webber cosplay in Baltimore, MD. Dynamite Webber and Lainey ...

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    Magic School Bus: Kate McKinnon Is

    If you’ve been watching Saturday Night Live over the past 5 years, chances are you know who Kate McKinnon is.  Many more of you know her from the recent all fe...