Mission Statement:

Our Goal at Aggressive Comix is to start a comic revolution; to generate new and exciting content for comic book lovers, whilst maintaining a raw and uncompromising edge and identity.

Origin Story:

Dominic Davis and Richard Cassidy first met in kindergarten. The year was 1991, and their first ground breaking conversation went as follows:

Rich: “Hi, I’m Rich.”

Dom: “Hey, I’m Dom.”

Rich: “You like Ninja Turtles?”

Dom: “FUCK  YEA!”

Thus common ground was discovered and it was born out of mutual-mutant admiration. From there on out the two became best of friends. In sixth grade while the rest of their classmates started “growing up”, they were entering into their first creative endeavor. Their concept centered on the development of a new Mortal Kombat game. This game would have been revolutionary at the time in the sense that there would be no rules in the fights. That would mean things like fatalities and animalites could be performed at any time and all of the stages were interactive (You know it could be badass). The idea never went beyond a few character designs and scattered notes, and looking back MAN was it shit! Seriously what the fuck do a few 11 year olds know about game design? However, it was the start of a partnership that would evolve into what is now Aggressive Comix.

In high school Rich met a fellow by the name of Nolan Morales. Nolan was a fellow nerd whose first comic book love was Spiderman. The Nol (as he came to be known) had dreams of one day directing films, especially grandiose comic book movies. When Rich discovered this he coaxed Nolan into joining Aggressive Comix as their resident film maker/creative developer (because even though at the time they barely had one flushed out concept, a movie couldn’t be far off right?). Soon after Dom was introduced to Nolan and after one roller coaster ride from hell (literally, they were at a theme park and shit on that ferris wheel was going wrong all over) the three became great friends and Nolan agreed to join.

Unfortunately, soon after high school, Nolan was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia. This was his second bout with the disease. Still he exhibited his carefree attitude; Nol put all those around him at ease and fought the cancer hard. Unfortunately on Jan 15th, 2005 Nolan passed away; He left a gaping hole in the Aggressive Comix family. Dom and Rich swore an oath at that moment; they would find a way to make AC a reality, if not for anything but for Nolan. However, progress seemed to come to a crashing halt. Trying to find a way to balance college, work, and Aggressive Comix was no easy feat; regrettably a handful of years followed where their true passion needed to be put on the back burner.

We fast forward to 2010; Aggressive Comix at this point was nothing more than just idle chit chat between two friends. They would talk about it as if one day it would just happen, even without having the time and effort to put into it. Rich now had a full time job and Dom was finishing up school six hours away in Rochester, New York. The doldrums continued until a huge turning point for the duo. On June 6th 2010 Rich was fired from his company. In an act of both depression and desperation, Rich sought out tickets to SDCC 2010; though they were easily sold out for months. This quest was going nowhere fast, until one day in the middle of June, He found 2 tickets (Sure they were resells but who gives a shit he was going to fucking comic con!).  Seeing it as a sign, Rich said, “Fuck my degree; my passion has always been comic books and I am meant to draw!” So in the following weeks he put together his portfolio and told Dom (who was still stuck in Rochester) that he was headed to San Diego to get their name out there. He met many of his pro-idols and sought out their feedback; many of whom were brutally critical. To put it nicely, they deemed his art “shit”. (That was a direct quote from one of the artists; real nice right?) Devastated, and kicked down to his lowest, He wandered the show room floor. In doing so his thoughts ran away with him; “I suck at my job, I suck as an artist, GIVE ME A FUCKING SIGN WHAT DO I DO?!” Just then, seemingly out of a comic panel, a Green Lantern ring literally drops from the heavens (or second floor) and rolled to his feet (For real; I know it can’t get any geekier than that right!? Who else has a boner chills right now!?). He looked around, picked up the ring, and slipped it over his finger; He realized then, ANYTHING is possible. The only thing that you need to possess is the WILL to overcome FEAR! (Cheesy yes, but admit it, that was inspirational as shit!)

At that moment Rich called Dom and the two started burning the mid night oil. With renewed fire, they tried to figure out a way to make their childhood dream a reality.  After a successful guerilla marketing campaign during SDCC 2011, that answer finally came; her name was Jenny! AC met Jen whilst hosting a cosplay contest; which was held in an attempt to gain viewership on their facebook page. After a few awesome conversations with this firecracker the two founding fathers decided to make a show; which would encompass the energy and charisma that is Jenny Lorenzo. AND THUS GEEKGASM WAS BORN… (A triumphant music cue would be handy here)

Merely 8 months later Aggressive Comix has developed a loyal fan base that grows daily. They are an army of proud geeks, comfortably know as, the Aggressors!

This website is dedicated to the memory of the Nolan Morales and to all you Aggressors who have journeyed with AC thus far. There is much on the horizon for this ever evolving brand so stay tuned, stay geeky, and stay aggressive. The Revolution is now!