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  • AC Exclusive
    Mara Jade Cosplay #4 (Photo By Thomas Int-Hout Creative)
    AC Exclusive: Angelica Darn as Mara Jade

    Star Wars' very own Mara Jade has never looked so good than in this cosplay created by Angelica Dawn. Check this incredible cosplayer out here....

  • AC Exclusive
    AC Exclusive: DawnPrincess and Uchiha-yurai as Jade and Kitana

    Mortal Kombat is one of the best fighting games ever created and has created more and more sequels created over time. Two characters that evolved from these sequels a...

  • Trailer
    Passengers Official Trailer

    Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are two passengers onboard a spaceship transporting them to a new life on another planet.  The trip takes a deadly turn when their h...

  • AC Exclusive
    Soni's Lazy Sunday By Ron Gejon
    AC Exclusive: Soni Aralynn’s Lazy Sunday Set

    The beautiful Soni Aralynn often is found in some of the most beautiful cosplays around. But check her out in this Lazy Sunday set....

  • Review
    Review: Beetlejuice Themed Bar

    We have been to the Beetlejuice Themed Bar and we have all the details to let you know whether or not it is worth it this holiday season!...

  • zombieapoc_main
    Brothers Trick Sister With “Real” Zombie Attack

    After getting dental surgery it's alway fun to turn on the camera and film your passenger's high ass. These two brothers show us its really done....

  • AC Exclusive
    Zombie Bit Me Photo By Ron Gejon
    AC Exclusive: Zombie Bit Me as Spider-Gwen

    Zombie Bit Me models off this awesome Spider-Gwen bikini created by Scificandy. Photos by the amazing Ron Gejon Photography [Gallery]...

  • AC Exclusive
    Mera 12 Photo by Ron Gejon
    AC Exclusive: Mostflogged in Mera Cosplay

    Most Flogged comes to us with an amazing Cosplay set of her Mera Cosplay. Photos by our very own Ron Gejon Photography. [Gallery]...

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