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  • AC Exclusive
    Why Does Hate in Cosplay Still Exist

    In today's day and age it is hard to believe this still exists and that articles like this have to be written but the cosplay world can be a hateful place....

  • Dark-side-of-the-moon-557130
    NASA Reveals The Dark Side Of The Moon

    NASA captures a unique view of the far side or dark side of the moon from the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite....

  • Review
    “The Shallows”: Surfing, Sharks, Sand Review

    Every generation has the defining shark film that makes folks afraid to go into the water.  For the foreseeable future,  it’s STILL Jaws. While yes, The Shal...

  • gb_teaser
    “Ghostbusters” Reboot Theme Song: Disappointing

    Aggressors, we all love Ghostbusters right? Sure, it’s a spectacular movie and television franchise with theme music so iconic that you cannot help to sing along...

  • AC Exclusive
    Secret of the Booze: ID4 “Alien Brain Hemorrhage”

    As a kid, Independence Day was one of those movies that just impressed the hell out of me, because of the sheer spectacle of it. Sure we may have become pretty jaded...

  • IndependenceDay-FunkoPop-Cover-600x300
    Funko “Independence Day” Pop! Vinyls

    Alright, Funko, you’ve gone and done it again! The prospect of owning a Jeff Goldblum Pop! Vinyl is just too damn good to pass up, so thanks a freaking bunch! Th...

  • Earth-like Mars
    Mars Once More Earth-Like Than We Thought

    Signs of water found on Mars mean it may have been very earth-like millions of years in the past. SpaceX promises future missions....

  • bryancranston
    “Power Rangers” Bryan Cranston Is Zordon

    The upcoming reboot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has themselves a Zordon, and he’s no stranger to sporting a bald head! Emmy winning actor Bryan Cranston h...

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