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  • bladerunner8
    Blade Runner 2049: 7 New Photos

    Blade Runner remains the pinnacle of achievement in science fiction cinematic storytelling. Ridley Scott’s 1982 futuristic film noir continues to be inspirationa...

  • Trailer
    Alien: Covenant | Prologue Trailer

    20th Century Fox just released a new trailer for Alien Covenant. This film looks beautiful and after seeing this trailer I cannot wait to see it....

  • AC Exclusive
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    AC Exclusive: Katsucon 2017

    Katsucon was this weekend and thanks to the help of Brian Maze we were able to get some incredible images of some incredible cosplayers....

  • Review
    A Cure For Wellness: Review

    A Cure For Wellness on the surface has everything an audience could want in a highly stylized supernatural thriller. Much like how “Dracula” begins with...

  • maxresdefault
    The Lion King: Simba and Mufasa Cast

    Jon Favreau’s The Lion King is getting closer to having a full cast!  The director/writer/actor’s newest Disney animated classic turned live action adapt...

  • Trailer
    Colossal: New Trailer Released

    Mixing Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway and giant kaiju-esk monsters is a brilliant plan, and Colossal looks like just the right levels of awesome.  Director Nach...

  • Review
    Fist Fight: Review

    Fist Fight was NOT my cup of whisky laced tea.  The situational comedy left me wanting, something that seems to keep happening with modern comedies.  If you are a C...

  • Review
    Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.43.00 PM
    The Great Wall: Review

    Legendary’s The Great Wall was good.  I’m as surprised as anyone, but for a mindless fantasy-war epic, the enjoyment far outweighed the ridiculous spectac...

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